Education Providers


We offer consulting services specializing in international education; helping educational providers increase and diversify revenue, develop student recruitment and marketing strategies, and streamline processes to facilitate international expansion. 

International Student Program

Is your institution or school division lacking an international student program? Would you like to provide a global learning experience for your local students by bringing in international students to diversify the classroom? Or perhaps you want to improve and create a more robust international student program, both inbound and outbound? We are here to provide solutions customizable to your schools’ needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

International Student Recruitment

Canada is a study destination of choice for foreign nationals. Not only do international students add value to the Canadian classroom, they are also contributors to our economy, and to the revenue diversification and sustainability of institutions. The financial multiplier effect benefits the educational provider, the local community, and country.  We can help your institution or school division attract and increase international students. Contact us to find out how our consulting services can help you reach your student diversification and revenue goals.