Working while Studying


Qualifying students can work on or off campus up to 20 hours a week during their academic studies, and full-time during scheduled breaks, such as the winter and summer holidays or spring break, and after you finish your studies if you have applied for any other work permit.

To qualify, students must:

  • have a valid study permit
  • are a full-time student at a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • have started studying
  • are in a program that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate and is at least six months long and
  • have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

There are certain conditions where students cannot work while studying, contact us to find out more.  

Open work permit for your spouse or common-law partner

A great advantage for study permit holders is that their spouse or common-law partner can join them in Canada on a open work permit. This allows families to be together, and for a spouse to gain valuable Canadian work experience. The work permit for your spouse or common-law partner is valid for the same period of time as your study permit. An open work permit is a work permit that is not job-specific; meaning you can work in virtually any job without the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or a job offer.