Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)


The Provincial Nomination Program allows provinces to select immigrants who wish to settle in their province. This allows each province to attract and retain immigrants that are most likely to settle permanently and contribute to its economy. In contrast to other federal programs, there is a more personalized element to how officers deal with applicants, in addition there is often a significantly shorter processing time. Each province and territory has its own streams and criteria for their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These can change without notice.

How to Apply

Candidates must first create a profile through the Express Entry system, and then apply for a PNP program. The PNP program will require a separate application from the Express Entry profile submission. Or you may be contacted by a province asking you to submit a PNP application so they can nominate you. Once a PNP certificate is granted, you will be given 600 points to add to your Express Entry score. The benefit is that it will significantly increase your score in Express Entry, making it higher than the typical cut-off scores. 

While there are variations in the programs, there are many similarities such as the following:

International Student/Graduate Stream:

Many provinces have streams for international graduates; students who recently graduated from a Canadian publicly funded institution. Typically, graduates will need to have a valid job offer from an employer in that province and have studied in Canada for at least 1 - 2 years depending on the province. Some programs also require that graduates already have Canadian work experience for a period of 6 months to 1 year prior to applying. 

Business Programs:

Most programs require a personal net worth, relevant business or management experience and education, and the intention of starting a business and employing Permanent Residents and Canadians within the province. It is expected that the immigrant will invest funds into an existing business or start a new business. Applicants must be very involved in the process, and business plans are typically required. 

Skilled Workers: 

Applicants must have a job offer from an employer in the province they are seeking to be nominated by before applying to the program. In addition, language requirements must often be met. 

Family Connection Streams for Skilled Workers:

It is believed that having family or other close connections in a province may increase retention, and attract serious immigrants. Applicants with family members in a province may be eligible for some provincial programs. In addition applicants often have to met minimum requirements such as education, work experience, age, language, and/or have a valid job offer in that province. 

Self Employed Farmer Stream:

For this particular stream, applicants are typically already farm owners with proven farm management skills. Often, they must have a minimum net worth, submit a business plan, and be willing and able to purchase and manage a farm.

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