High-Net-Worth Individuals


High-net-worth individuals looking for a hassle-free visit to Canada with customized solutions for their needs can use our consulting services to have a smooth and well organized business trip. 

How it works:

  1. We consult with you to find out what your needs are. 
  2. We determine the scope of service. Meaning what exactly it is that you require in order to maximize your time, the people you meet with, and the purpose of your trip. 
  3. A price point is determined. 
  4. Finally, the details are planned, in consultation with you, and then executed.  
  5. End result = a well organized business portion of your trip, networks created and you having a better understanding of buying, establishing, or investing in a business in Canada. 

Exploratory Visits

If you are planning to purchase, invest in, or establish a new business in Canada it is important to conduct an exploratory visit and research the new opportunity that you are exploring. Visiting Canada first hand gives you the opportunity to meet stakeholders and business partners, and make important connections and informed decisions  to ensure that the new business venture you are considering will be successful. To support your visit, we offer customized solutions to support you in Canada to ensure that you are prepared and organized during your visit.

Meeting Setup

Coordinating a tight business schedule while trying to plan your business trip in an unfamiliar city with unfamiliar transportation can be daunting.  Perhaps you are not sure about the right people to connect with at the government, business, association, and industry level?  We are here to help you navigate and set up the right meetings with the right people in the appropriate time frame.  

Accompanied Site Visits

In addition to appointment setup, we offer accompanied business meeting visits. Our team member will take notes, clarify questions, and provide a meeting recap after the meeting is concluded to ensure that you did not miss an important detail in your discussion. 

Network Contacts

We will connect you to important contacts that will help you run your business successfully. Contacts such as accountants, corporate lawyers, insurance providers, educational providers, industry providers, and business plan developers. 

Business Preparation and Etiquette

Conducting business in Canada can be different than doing business in your home country. It is important that you are prepared for your trip and doing business in Canada. We provide you will additional information and tips for doing business in Canada so that you are that much more prepared for your business meetings, making them more efficient and impactful. 


Other services can be provided upon request. Contact us now to discuss your unique business needs.